27 minutes with John & Kelly

Jen Rashleigh - Director of Partner & Community Engagement, Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture

November 30, 2020

We've been actively promoting the Peninsula based agriculture sector, food security & sustainability and agri-tourism since last year via Sidney Breakfast Club speakers, podcasts and online thought leadership forums. The Peninsula has the opportunity to be a world-class center for these food related economic development and sector based innovation issues. North Saanich has seized a  leadership role and created the Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture (https://www.sandowncentre.com/).

We had an opportunity to chat with Jen Rashleigh on "27 minutes with John & Kelly", the Centre's Director of Partner & Community Engagement and the current coordinator of the North Saanich Flavour Trails festival. The Centre is rolling out the Farmpreneur program (https://www.sandowncentre.com/farmpreneur-program) and this formed the core of our discussion with Jen on this podcast. We also chatted about food security, food production, farm business development and regional economic development. We can't wait to chat with Jen about updates and further stories about this exciting Farmpreneur program. Thanks Jen!



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