27 minutes with John & Kelly

Introductory Podcast - who & what are we? :)

May 2, 2020
  • John is allowed to laugh during the podcast!
  • what's up with the name? Deep discussion...
  • tad bit of self-promotion (ok, maybe a few more minutes than "tad")
    • John Juricic - Labour Market Consultant (john@harbourdigitalmedia.com)
    • Kelly Darwin - Owner, Seriously Creative - (kelly@seriouslycreative.ca) - Website Developer, Internet Marketer, Community Advocate
    • we chat about our business backgrounds (we'll do this only once, we promise!)
    • we do a deep dive specific to internet communications, advertising and content development
      • we also do a deep dive regarding podcast based communications (new podcast maybe - www.40yearsin6minuteswithJohn&Kelly.com?  LOL!)

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